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    Default putting other images into sbm files

    i have a folder on my desktop with images in it--embies, papers, etc.

    can i move those into the folders in scrapbook max so that i don't have to browse everytime? I know that I can drag and drop, but it makes it hard to find the things i'm looking for--frequently i forget things are there. Specifically, I'm thinking of papers--i have a lot of papers but i'd like to put them into a folder in sbm so that they're all in one place and they're more organized and easier to use. So can i either put them into sbm, or even better, make a new folder there to house them? I don't know if the parameters on the software will inhibit my ability to do this or not.


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    Yes you can put them in the sbm folder however the more images you have in there, the slower SBM will be. I'm the opposite to you, I always drag and drop from "My Document" and forget the things I have downloaded to SBM LOL
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    I drop and drag also and wish I knew how to save the things in there to other places.
    I all ways for get whats there because its such a pain to find it.

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    I too use the drop and it! I have also have taken EVERYTHING out of SBM and put everything in folders... Works alot faster since I did that... but if you want to move all your stuff in SBM here is what to... Open your c: drive>program files>SBM>gallery>images> here you have the choice to put your stuff into... backgrounds, embellishments, papers and shapes...drag and drop into these folders... be prepared SBM will run alot slower...

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    I too drop and drag. Basically, I open up a SBM document and reduce the size of my SBM screen to half my computer screen. Then on the other half I open my photo organization software (ACDSee) on the other half of my screen. In ACDSee I have all of my pics and all of my scrapbook images. I drag and drop from there all images I think I might want to the other half of my screen where SBM is. Then, when I think I have all I need, I enlarge my SBM screen back to full size and design away. Sometimes, I need additional images and sometimes I delete some I dragged over to SBM but for the most part, I have dropped the majority of everything I'm going to use for that page to SBM. That way I'm not constantly going back and forth. That would be annoying to me!!

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