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    Red face HELP.....Im!

    Hi everyone, Ive just joined and i'm kinda lost! lol! I found the halloween freebie kit but have NO idea how to use download/use it!! Can someone give me a bit of advice as to how u digitally scrapbook, i've never ever done it! I have spent over £2000 on paper scrapbooking to give me a large variety to choose from, but now i've got tooooo much to be pullin out all over the floor everyday. Esp if I only have half an hour to fill in!! Hope someone can give me some starter tips as im dyin to get stuck into it, thanks, x

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    Welcome Trixy! The Halloween Kit you downloaded is a zip file, do you have a program that will unzip your files?? If so, just unzip them to your desktop... or where ever you want to keep all your scrap stuff, what I do and many others do is keep a folder on the desktop or my documents and put all your scrapstuff in there.. when you open SBM, you can then use the drag and drop method... (with your mouse left click on the object you want (keep it held down) then drag into SBM and let go... then it will ask you what you want to do with it... photo, embellishment, paper.... choose one and then it will appear on your paper.Hope this helps ya a bit!!

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    Hi and Welcome!! Glad you liked the Halloween kit! Another way to use files is when you click on the embelishement or paperscrap icon it will open a window. In the lower left hand corner you will find a button that says 'browse' if you click it you can chose any file from your computer and it will bring it into SBM for you! Digi scraping is SUPER easy with SBM!! You will get it in no time! Feel free to ask anything here in the forum and someone will be along soon to help you out!

    p.s. if you go back to the halloween mini kit I have added a download link that will import the kit right into SBM. I usually don't like mine in the program because too much will start to slow the program down, but it was requested so I have posted it in the thread! Good luck!
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    Welcome, you'll get loads of help just like you have, nice to meet you
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    What Halloween Kit----did I miss out on something.Welcome aboard.Just fool around with the download as it is easy to learn.I just love it.I am like you I have thousands of stuff from creative memory and too much to lug.

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    Oh trixy, Welcome..... you are going to LOVE digi scrapping with SBM.... I too have a LOT of paper scrapbooking supplies (how about an entire ROOM of it.... LOL).... SBM is sooooo easy to use.... just drag & drop....
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