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    Default SMax won't open PNG Files?!

    Hey all,
    I've created and saved some transparent PNG files using Corel PhotoPaint vX3. I can open and view them in several different programs just fine (including web browsers).

    When I try to add them as pictures into ScrapBook Max, I get a 'thumbnail' image of them from the open image dialog, but when I open them, it appears to work, but they just disapear and nothing is added to the page.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Can someone please try to open and add this PNG to a test page in Scrapbook Max to see if it's just my computer, or a bug in Scrapbook Max?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I dont see a tester here, but you shouldnt have any problems with a png file... SBM accepts them, maybe someone can come along and help ya, sounds like something is wrong with your version...if nobody get back to you, go to the bottom here and click on the contact us... they should be able to help you!

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    I am having problems getting layouts done today. Perhaps it is a fluke in gallery for a short time.

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    I think there are various types of Png. I use PNG-24. Try saving in this format and see if it makes a difference. Don't know about Corel, but in Photoshop I must SAVE TO WEB to keep the transparency with png.

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    i use paint shop pro 9 and know that i have to make sure that the alpha channel transparency is checked to get pngs to save with a transparent background

    use the file>export>png function
    set to 24 bit
    alpha channel transparency
    non-interlaced format

    and they should work in max now

    hope that helps

    fiona xx

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    Think I got it. At leats I didn't get an error reading it.

    Thanks for the tip Fiona.

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