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Thread: hey Jazz

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    Jazz, prayers are still coming your way so that you become your old self again. Don't try to rush it, we surely don't want any set backs. Just sit back and enjoy life.

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    Jazzie, you are still in our prayers here at home...I worry everyday about you and your recovery...Everything takes time...and eventually you will be back to your normal self...I have enjoyed your LO's too, I think your creativity is still there...<wink> I love you, get well soon and please rest...xo
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    Jazz, it has been so good to see you on here, but maybe you are just pushing too hard and expecting too much of yourself. Your body needs time to recover. You went through a lot. We want you to get healthy, so please don't push so hard, and please don't start feeling down because you can't do as much as you want to do. You will be able to in time.

    Sorry, don't mean to preach, just want you to get better!

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    Take care Jazz, slowly does it. After all the love and care you have shown to others it's pay back time x
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