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    O.K gals,

    I told you I was new at this stuff. I'm going to be asking alot of stupid basic questions so bare with me.

    I can't for the life of me figure out where to find fonts. I want to add individual letters. How do I do that?


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    Are you asking how to add fonts in sbm or in photoshop?
    In Sbm you just click the title icon next to the journal icon and type the letter (s) and click ok...Size to what fits you...
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    If I understand your question, several of the online stores offer ALPHA letters which is what I think you want. Usually it consists of a picture with a letter. Some are individual png or jpg files. Some are posted together on a sheet and you would crop the letter you need. Check the Max booster store to see if any are offered. Search the embellishment section for alphabet. You might find some there.

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