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Thread: Lost a layout

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    Default Lost a layout

    Is anyone else having a problem with a layout disappearing from mostly the "Look at my Layout" section? I posted two pictures to the "layout" section and tried to find them several days later and they disappeared. They were still in my personal album. What happened? This happened to me once before and duplicate titles were the problem. Since then, I made sure to put my initials in the upload name.

    Also, what is the difference between "look at my layout" and the "member's gallery"? I haven't a clue.

    I just checked the gallery and lost another one. The "Volunteer Fireman" is visible, but the "Escape Plan" disappeared. Both show on the recent photos section. ?????
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    Hi grannywin,

    Unless I'm looking at the wrong layouts, I can view both layouts you mentioned in your gallery - are they part of the same album?

    The "Look At My Layout" gallery is like a community bulletin board where our members can post their favorite layouts, and other members can check out a whole bunch of recently added layouts "at a glance" on the gallery "home" page. We have a simple rule to keep it fun - limit your postings in this category to 3 layouts a day so that we can maintain that variety "at a glance".

    In your own private member gallery, you can post as many layouts as you want every day.


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    Thanks for the feedback, Karin. I guess the problem is resident in my computer. Glad to hear it isn't a web problem.

    Which is the preferred album to use for uploads? I usually don't upload more than one or two layouts at a time.

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    You know I did then I posted it again and the first showed up. I'm thanking maybe next time It happens if it does I 'm going to try refresh first to see if that helps.

    buddies are- angelwithin

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