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    Default New...need help with photobooks

    Hi all,
    I learned about Scrapbook Max through the Picaboo website which has a photobook program I was using. I wanted a little more creativity and they recommended using Scrapbook Max to make the page and then upload the page to a Picaboo photobook. The problem I am having is that the SM pages are square (12x12?), and the Picaboo books are rectangular. So, when I paste in my page, the bottom of it is cut off. Does anyone have any experience with any of this. My goal is to make a bound photobook. What do most people do to get a "final product".
    Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

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    You can change the page to any size you want. There is a button on the toolbar that says "page settings" Click on that and resize to desired size. You may have to move some of the elements on the page to accomodate your size. Let me know if that works for you.

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    Have you thought of putting your pages onto a DVD and setting it to music - just another option.

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    Not sure the prices of photobook, but you could print an 8X8 or 12 x 12 page at any photo service and insert it into your own scrapbook album. You would have to compare costs to see which one is more cost effective.


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