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    Default Scrapbook page sizes

    Hi and thanks . I have tried to use the search function to no avail. No matter how many words I put in for searching it tells me I must use at least 4 words...(and I was using 4 lol).

    My question is....I see some really wonderful layouts in the booster pack section that say 8X8 (but easily re sizable). I do most of my scrapping in 12x12. Are these templates truly re sizable or do they loose some sharpness and look bad when printed?

    Thanks .

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    sorry i can't help you, i print mostly in 8 x 8 as i use my home printer (and it's an old one) but im sure someone will answer you soon keep checking

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    i make all my pages 8x8 as the files size stays smaller that way but all the embellishments etc are made for 12x12 size pages

    all you have to do is change the page settings once you have opened them in max using page settings (the 3rd icon in from the right in the tool bar) go to size and resize page to 12x12....the programme will resize and repostion everything for you and the quality and sharpness is excatley the same

    love fiona xx

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    Thanks Fiona! Sorry it took me so long to get back. Life has been crazy!


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