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    Default Improve Slideshow Abilities

    I know this is mainly a scrapbooking software, but I bought it for the slideshows. I have mainly used Microsoft's PowerPoint for my past slideshows.
    There are several features that SBM needs to add in order to be more effective. Mainly, we need to be able to tranistion slides individually, not as a whole. For example, I would like some slides to stay up for 15 seconds and others to stay for less time. Currently, I can not find a way to do that.
    Also, for music, there needs to be a way to start a song in the middle and fade out a song at a certain point. Otherwise, we have to make sure the slideshow is exactly the same length as the songs, and that's not always possible.

    Those are the main features that would help to make SBM slideshows better. I am also having trouble getting the cd slideshow to play on a dvd player. But, I have submitted that problem to technical support, so hopefully, we'll resolve that.


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    A great idea, I didn't know it was possible to do things like that, does powerpoint let you, amazing
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    All of these capabilities would be nice, but I think we are trying to make a $39 program do far more than it was intended. I'm sure if it included all the functionality we would love to see, it would increase signicantly in price, which was one on it's primary selling points -- what you get for the money.

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