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    Default Questions re: smb files & printing!

    Hi - I just recently started using Scrapbook Max & really love it. But I have several smb files that I've downloaded & can't seem to retrieve them. When I open the files, it shows the files are downloaded but they don't show up in the gallery. Where do the files download to so you can use them?

    Also, I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a printer so I can print out my own 12 X 12 scrapbook sheets. Does anyone have any ideas on a good printer to purchase versus sending the pages out to be printed? So far, I've only been able to find 12 X 12 scrapbook paper by Epson & that's expensive!

    Thanks -

    Pat (a scrapbooking grandma!)

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    As far as I know, template downloads are the only thing that will show up in the gallery of MAX...(When you select new or open)...The kits you purchase should go in their own folder in MAX, which you will find when you click (lets say the heart icon), then there should be a list on the left hand side of all the MAX products....Or click browse to get them from your own files...

    As far as printers go...There are some nice ones on Office Max...But I will say this from experience, it is cheaper to send them off to get the printers (if printing them on high quality glossy paper) will suck you out of ink in no time...I have a lexmark/scanner and I pay $40 every two to three weeks on ink...and thats buying the ink at have options...Hope this helps...
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    When SBM files go into my folders they end up in a few places. Usualy though they end up in the embellishment folder under gallery.

    I think there has been a thread or two about printers before .... I'll put printer in to the search and see if anything comes up.
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    When you publish any layout, the jpg files are stored in MY DOCUMENTS>SCRAPBOOKMAX>PUBLISHED FILES.

    You could print your own but I found that to be an expensive venture. I use the service offered by SBM but any photo shop would do a decent job and save you money. Just download your jpg file to a disk and go to the store or upload directly to SBM photo service.

    The program will duplicate the jpg files each time you publish. I usually delete the old file before I publish but the duplicates do not hurt anything to just sit there.

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