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    Default How do i use my downloaded alphas?! Please help.

    Up until now i have been using the alphas end embelisments that i have downloaded from SBM. I have recently dowbnloaded some new alphas from and want to use them.
    The problem is when i browse for my alphas the folder is there but i can now veiw the files
    They are in .PNG format.
    I dont have a clue what to do, any help would be appriciated, thanks

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    When you go to your alpha folder and open it, at the top of your screen click on view and clickon thumbnails and than you will be able to view them. Than all you have to do is have your SBM program opened to the page you are working on and drag the alpha you want into your page and a window will open asking if you want to bring in as a photo, background, embellishment, etc click on embellishment and than it's there for you to work with any way you want. Hope this helps.

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    THANK YOU!!!! I have been struggling with PNG files despite reading numerous tutorials. I've tried removing the backgrounds in PSE5 and Microsoft Digital. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    Your method was so easy and now I can use all these freebies I've downloaded.

    Thank you for explaining it so well. I love this forum and have learned so much.


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