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    Makeyesup.... You're just brilliant, child, brilliant!!!

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    Well templates on this site are slightly different to templates elsewhere. Here they are a page made up of elements from a matching kit, that are still movable, re sizable as individual pieces but already coloured in the design patterns and colours. You can also get gray scale templates [also known as quick clicks] where you choose which colours and patterns you put in them. If these gray scale templates are in PNG format you can use them in SBM. I was on someones blog the other day and they specifically mentioned that they have a PNG version of their templates specially made for those who use SBM. Can I remember who or where? Hell no

    Quick pages and ploppers to me are the same thing. There is only one layer and you "plop" your photo in. Any elements that are on the page are not movable. Its like receiving a picture with a hole in for your photo.

    Basically one has many layers that you can alter [template], the other has one layer [Quick Page, Plopper] that wont let you move any elements at all.
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    I thank most of you are right depending on what site you are buying on.

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