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    Default rar files

    How do you use these. I cant figure out how to open them and use them.
    Thanks Debbie

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    RAR is a type of file compression, a sibling to Zip files. Most Zip utilities -- unZip programs, such as WinZip -- can handle RAR. If yours does not, I use a file un-compressor, FilZip, available free at

    I think it handles all versions of RAR, but might be wrong. I haven't actually seen a RAR file in a long time.

    FilZip is not as friendly as WinZip, but you can open compressed archives and drag-and-drop the files you want onto open Exporer folders.

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    I use 7-zip for my zipping n unzipping, its also free and you can find it here at .... it will handle .rar files without any trouble.
    Sue xx

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    I haven't heard of that one Muma..thank u
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