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    Default Grieving kit-sharing link

    I received a link for this free kit from one of yahoo groups this morning. The kit is freely given by Vanessa-blushbutter. I didn't create this kit. I'm just sharing a link. The bold print explains how to receive it.
    thanks, Rhoda

    Hi scrapbookers I offer a freebie kit for the grieving

    These are a set of FREE graphic digital images made especially for grieving parents.
    This kit was made as a result of an angel called Mia, so the kit is named In Rememberance of Mia. This kit comes with png overlays a different selection of wings on png files and jpeg cloud backgrounds, bows and hearts, one is in blue and one pink.
    12x12inches 300dpi please pass this kit or link on to grieving family members.
    This is the most worthwhile and hardest kit I have ever made and I offer it for free because I feel the grieving process is overwhelming enough.

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    Default Grieve kit

    Thanks for sharing Rhoda, I lost my dad and a sister-in-law not too long ago.


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