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    Question view 2 pages at a time? & alpha?

    Is there any way to view more than one page at a time? I'm making an album with double pages so I want things to line up and look nice. I've been clicking back-n-forth between Pg1 & Pg2 but it's tedious. Also,

    I have downloaded some kits on the web and they come with alphas. ALL the letters are one one page (png or jpeg) when I save them and then try to pull them up the WHOLE alphabet comes up at once. How do I pull up one letter at a time? I also have several emblishments that are on the same page and I'm having the same Please!!!

    Thank you so much...I'm off to post another plea for help...

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    Default re Alphas

    Hi mamabear72, To use the fonts they need to be cropped. I drag the page of fonts on to my scrap page.Then right click, go to Effects, then to crop. When the crop box comes up move the sides to get to just the letter you want to use. Then click OK. You will need to resize the letter on your page. I do the same with the the elements too. I hope this helps you. Cheers margie

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    MAx doesn't have the option to view more then one page at a time...So I used someone elses suggestion and have maz opened twice...Hope this helps...<wink>
    I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!

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    If you go to the print preview you can view two pages at a time. It was one of the things that I liked about scrapbook max, that made me go ahead and purchase it. You can see then if your two page layout lined up like you want it to.

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