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    Default Greeting cards, stationary, and more

    This is such a great product, so why use it for just scrapbooks? I started making custom pages to create greeting cards, stationary and more. You can even take an existing template and let the software do the resizing (you will have to move the objects to where you want them) or you can do the resizing yourself.

    I started out with a sample template I downloaded from this website (thanks to Dorothy from DorothysCreations) for the greeting card. This is just a sample of other things you can do besides scrapbook pages! Also, the inside of your greeting card could be page 2 of your layout. The first image shows the unfolded layout, the next are front and back after printing and folding.

    Besides the greeting card, I have a 4x6 photo which you can print at home, at your local kiosk, or upload to this or other photo publishing sites.

    And finally is a quick sample of stationary (I prefer to use light backgrounds so your text will show if you are printing and then adding text). This can be printed out or regular printing paper and handwritten, or you can go ahead and add jounelling or import into other software to add text.

    I resized these for upload purposes, but my originals are created at 300 dpi. Happy experimenting with other options!
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