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    Default Bought paper pk, dont know how to us

    I purchased a paper pack at the store, opened it in SM and it looks like it was added in it's own little file in my embelishmet "heart" section. If I want to use purchased SM papers as a paper scrap so I can make them different shapes how do I do that?

    Also, is there another way to use my purchased sets as a background?

    Thank you,

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    Thats a good ? I had not tryed to use any of the paper that comes with the paks. but it seems to only give you a page with no choise. Have you looked to see if you can move the paper folder to page scrap in programs folders. i do that with
    things that i wont to make shapes out of.
    bet some one will know how to do it.

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    most kits add themselves to the embellishment section you can use browse to use them

    go into the add paper > browse > my computer > c drive > programme files > scrapbook max > gallery > images > embellishments > the paper pack > pick your paper

    the next time you add a paper scrap and hit browse you will automatically go into that same file where those papers are

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    Wow...I'm am now totally confused but thank you, I'll go in and try that.
    I'd really love to save my SM paper packs that I buy on my computer as either a .png or .jpeg Is there any way to save them that way. When ever I click on the saved pack icon on my desktop it just "imports" all the files to SM again, I can't open anything.

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    I'm probably not the one to help you with this - but I know what you're saying - sometimes you just want your paper in files outside of SBM! What I do is use Windows Explorer and go to programs, Scrapbook Max!, gallery, images, embellishments and find the paper and drag it into paper scraps or into a separate folder.

    I hope this helps. It's frustrating at first - but it does get way easier as you go along!!

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