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    Default How to use an element

    I believe it is more of a matte. I purchased the Camera Crazy kit (I think that is what it is called) in the SBM store, quite awhile ago, obviously have not used it yet. But today I noticed it has a matte to make your picture wavy? Well, how do you apply the matte to the picture? I am really not good at using these really neat things!

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    Default It's a shape

    and I know how to use it, but now my question is when we download packs from the store, shouldn't a shape go in the shapes file, embellishments in the embellishments file? I'd rather have them all together if it's a kit, but it was almost impossible to get to it once I thought about it. I had to go way down into my program files. Am I missing how to apply it as a shape if I go in through embellishments (which is where it auto downloaded to)?

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    Some of mine did not and i just went to the programs files and moved them . like the sewing thread i put it there and now just pick a color scrap i wont it to be and change it to thread love that about max.
    Cant tell you how to do that but some one will. i have to go find my help file every time i do things like that.

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