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    I'm back with a couple of questions.

    I just posted my first layout in the gallery and gave proper credit. It was easy to do as I did the layout with specific intent on putting it in the gallery. This brought up a question. When you do layouts for your own use (not posting them) do you keep with whose stuff you used in case you want to put it in the gallery later? If so, how do you do it? I was thinking it could be part of the layout name but if I use several peoples stuff it could be a long layout name.

    Also, I've done a lot of stuff off of another scrapbooking program. Can I post that in the gallery? If so, do I give credit to the other scrapbooking program? It doesn't seem right to come on this site and mention another scrapbooking program.

    Thanks for any assistance. As always, I appreciate everyone's help and the wonderful people here.

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    Those are some good questions. I don't really know the right answers for you, but someone on here will definitely be able to help you out. I usually keep the terms of use from someone in the same folder with their kits, templates, etc. but when you go to use them some place else it's not always to find them again to properly credit them. But I'm sure someone can help and I will be real interested in hearing how they do it.

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    I have a Microsoft word file that I keep. As I'm doing a layout (whether for posting in a gallery or not) I jot down the title of my layout, whose kit, whose template, whose word art etc. Then if I ever post them, I can go into that document, find the title of the layout and copy and paste it into my posting. It makes it really easy.

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    Spanielmom--Thanks! I knew someone would have an answer to that. I think I will set up the same system.

    Anybody know about my other question about posting layouts made with another scrapbooking software?

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    I don't see why not...when giving credits ie; Blah, Blah, blah, courtesy of...where ever you got it it isn't like you would be putting a link in there Just MOHO

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    Thanks mswizard. Unless I am told otherwise, I will assume that it is okay. I've just done a bunch with that other program and I hate not to be able to post some of those if I want to.

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