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    Default Groove Newsletter Contest July 2007: Wonderfully Whimsical (FREEBIES HERE!)

    Celebrate "Whimsy" with The Groove!

    The July 2007 issue of The Groove is here, and we're celebrating whimsy! "Whimsy" is a playful way of seeing the world. We're encouraging you to take a whimsical approach to scrapbooking this month - use unusual patters, fun colors, silly photos...get creative!

    To download the July 2007 issue of The Groove (pdf), click here. Or, if you would rather read it online, visit

    This month's contest is called "Wonderfully Whimsical". Submit your best "whimsical" layouts, and have fun doing it! We're looking for playfulness, creativity, silliness, fun, imagination - whatever "whimsy" means to you! We will be honoring 3 winning layouts. The 1st place winner of the "Wonderfully Whimsical" contest will receive a $20 gift certificate to the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store. Two runners-up will each receive an official Scrapbook MAX! mousepad.

    To enter, publish your layout as a JPEG image at High Quality and Web/Email size, and upload it to the contest page. The deadline is Friday, July 27, 2007, Midnight (CST).

    We encourage you to reply to this thread after you enter the contest. Post a link to your entry and tell us a bit about it so we can all get in on the fun!

    And now for everyone's favorite – THE MONTHLY FREEBIE, generously supplied by our "very own" Fiona Storey!

    Fiona creates beautiful kits for the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store . Here's what she says about her work: "My designing style has a lot to do with whatever I'm learning in paintshop pro at the time,... if I see something I like or I think may look great in a kit, I will sit for hours trying out different ways to make it until I perfect an image that gives me the look I want...I love to figure out how things are made. Yes, I was the child who took the alarm clock apart just to see how it worked! ''

    The lovely, subtle toned freebies come from Fiona's "Barely There" Booster Pack #690 - you can buy the complete kit for only $3.95!

    Click here to view more of Fiona's kits in the store!

    Happy Scrappin' from The Groove!

    Karin and Marnie

    P.S. Not yet signed up for The Groove? Click here to subscribe.
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