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    Calcacky... I'm just one of the girls here. Every one in Scrapsville is the stuff legends are made from. They get out of hand once in a while, but the apes get them back in line.

    Hope you're mom endures. Sounds a lot like my mom's problems. Is really tuff. You take care of yourself too. Being a care taker is hard on a person, and she needs you.

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    Mint-I've heard from others here too about the ease of use of SBM and that appeals to me. However, if I don't stop chatting here, I'm never going to find that out.

    Granny--thank goodness for the apes. I may be new here, but I've already figured out you girls are a wild bunch. Heck, if the apes have to keep you in control that says something.
    My mom called just a bit ago and she is going home this evening. Thanks for the concern.

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    Hey Amy, glad to here your Mom is coming home!!!! I bet she is REALLY happy!!!
    Ok, your job this coming week is to get a layout in the gallery before I get back from vacation. Now that will give you plenty of time to gab and I will get to see a layout when I return. Do you think you can manage that!!! LOL Keep the peeps in line while I'm gone too! And keep an EYE on Granny, she is the worst one out of the bunch! hehehe

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    Amy, I am glad you are feeling better about MAX...I came in here blind folded as well, and look now, no one leaves me alone...lol...I'm sorry to hear about your mom, glad she is coming home...
    The Apes, you will never get rid of them...They are everywhere...I swear Granny breeds them in her basement...lol...I can never find a banana around my house, they come in and out thru the doggie door...It's even hard to find one in the towns grocery store...<wink> Just be careful, they are ankle biters...Or was that Granny?
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    Oh, oh, oh. You ladies just crack me up! The apes haven't found me yet since I'm new so I think I will run out and stock up on bananas before they do. I agree that Granny is probably breeding them in her basement. As each new person comes aboard here, she needs more and more to control us all or irritate us all, whichever the case may be.

    Have a blast crops. We will miss you around here. And yes, I will work on getting of these boards chatting and getting to making a layout to post.

    Thanks all for the well wishes for my Mom. I appreciate it.

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