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    Amy, I am sorry your disappointed! I have PSE myself and find that I like to do my templates on SBM, its easier to use for me anyway. I use PSE for different photo effects and I am trying to make embellishments with it. But as far as easy goes, it simple to make a layout with SBM. When you dowload templates from here they automatically go into your templates, then you just click the template you want and from there change it the way you want. And yes its easy to use freebies you get from other places too. Just give it a try, you'll find out how easy it is to do, heck if I can do it anybody can! LOL

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    Calkacky Guest


    I'm not totally giving up on it yet. It is just a let down when you come from a competitor program to this one and find you now have WAY Less stuff than you did. The main reason I switched from the other program to here was because I wanted to save my layouts in 300 dpi and cannot. It will only let me save them at about 200 dpi. When I called the manufacturer of the program, they told me their program doesn't allow for saving in 300 dpi. Anyway, I really do appreciate your help. It has helped calm my nerves if anything! LOL!

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    Hello, Calcacky, and welcome to the forum...

    Please let me share a thought with you. Although many scrapbooking websites emphasyse the fact that their embellishments are exported at 300dpi, this is mostly a gimmick. Unless you're a professional printer, there is very, very little difference between 300 and 200 dpi. It's practically impossible to tell them apart. So it's really not an important issue for someone that uses scrapbooking software. What is important is that using 200dpi cuts the file size tremendously, so if you want to share your creations with others over the net, or e-mail, 200 dpi is the only way to go.

    More and more sites are now switching to 200, and the users are really reaping the benefits. So, please forgive me if this does not apply to your specific needs, but for most users, 200dpi wins hands down.

    Just my two cents worth, adjusted for inflation!

    Delighted to have you aboard. Don't give up on Max, this forum and the developers more than make up for any difference from your old program. Just give it time.

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    Hey there... just saw this thread and thought I would put in my bit. There is TONS of free things you can download off the sharing sections. For me it is the program I like more than the content. It is SUCH and EASY program to use!! Yet it is completely versatile!!!! I found that for creating a scrapbook it is the best around. Spend an hour or two downloading free stuff and I think you will find your content triples very quickly.... if not more than that. There is new stuff being posted DAILY as well. I think you will find the community to be a big help where the content of the program is concerned. I can understand how you are feeling... when you expect one thing it is hard to not be 'dissapointed' if it isn't what you thought. But seriously... you can get TONS of content and I think you will find the ease of the program is worth ever penny you spent... even if it hadn't come with a stitch of paper in it.

    Just my thoughts!
    Hope it goes well for ya!
    Don't procrastinate being happy!
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    I understand what you are trying to convey calkaky, there was a lot in a thread with similar comments a while ago, but I think we all agree there is so much more this versatile programme has to offer. You can use anything you download into PSP, Photoshop, PSE and others ib Scrapbook Max. Being a numpty I don't have enough brain cells to use these programmes, but I download a lot of scrapbook 'stuff' into another programme and use it in Srapbook Max as I need it. It keeps SBM from being overloaded and works faster. I agree with Crops, it's such a great programme, simple being the key word. If you are a clever bod then you can do miracles with it.It sounds as though you are as you say about PSE. I'm envious if you can use that. Have you looked on the forums under templates, embellishments and challenges. There is enough especially for SBM in every thread and often more hidden further in the threads. People are so very generous on here, I know of no other site where people share their talent so willingly and freely. I always look but daren't download it all or my lappy would blow up at the very thought of it ! I do hope you'll stick around and explore the forums.There is so much hidden in them you'd never get bored. Oh and pop into Scrapville (Days of Our Scraps ' thread. Don't try and read back or you'll think you need sectioning! There is a lot of nuttiness there, also support and warmth and above all as such a significant part of Scrapbook Max, friendship. I'd like to know of a site that beats this one on that score alone, you'd be very hard pushed to find one.
    Tell you what Calkaky, give it a month, have a good poke around and then let us know if you feel any happier with the programme.
    We will always try and help out if you have any other queries. I do hope that persuades you to give it a chance. Thank you for sharing your disappointment, and I do hope it lessens soon.
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    Calkacky Guest


    Wow! Y'all are AWESOME!! You really make me feel at home and very welcome because of your posts. Thanks for that.

    I've been told before what Granny told me above about 200 dpi vs. 200 dpi but I'd forgotten it. Therefore, I will scrapbook mostly in 200 dpi after the reminder. The reason though I was wanting to scrap in 300 dpi is because there is this website that does books and they require layouts to be sent to them in 300 dpi. I guess for those projects, I will use the higher dpi and for regular scrapbooking, the lower.

    I've downloaded freebies from various other sites, but will do so from here when I get the time to dive into it. Thanks for the recommendation. Truth be known, I had discovered benefits of this program from the other I was using so I was already liking it better in the trial version.

    Thanks to you all for your support. It really has made me feel much better and I promise I won't give up on this program. Like you pointed out eng, the support, warmth and friendship here beats no other. I can say I agree with that. I've been a part of several sites and never felt so welcomed as I do here. That alone, makes me want to stay. I like feeling like I can become part of such a wonderful group of people and that I too can one day help someone one day like y'all have helped me.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone better.

    Thanks again,

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    Hi Amy, I'm also from Texas! I found this website, program, and forum, over a year ago! The program is the easiest thing I've ever tried. I agree with ENG, I can not use the other programs (PSE etc), I tried the trial versions but got so frustrated. What I did not expect with SBM was the friendships that I have made. Our group here is very close and supported in all areas of life. We've cried together, prayed together, laughed together and learn together. This is not strickly scrappin here!

    You've been given the same suggestions that I would give, regarding the sharing corner and challenge areas. I had to buy an external drive and I've got that thing full now too! You will get everything you possibly need here. JUST ASK and someone will come through with what your looking for.

    Well, we are glad your here and do hope you will jump in. You will get as much out of here as you want. Our imaginary town of Scrapsville is a MUST VISIT experience and we hope you will jump in there too! Watch out though, it is addictive and everyone must have a job in the town.


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    Hi there!

    Thanks for checking us out - glad you're enjoying our community, too! Friendly bunch, aren't they?

    If you haven't already, please do check out the What's Included section of our website as Steve suggested above and click through the various categories - you will find that thousands of elements come on the CD-ROM (148 pre-made template pages, over 150 backgrounds, over 3500 embellishments and paper scraps, and about 350 shapes). And everyone who has jumped in is right - the Sharing Forum on this site is jam-packed with freebies generously created and shared by our members. Plus you can also use kits and freebies that you find on the internet right in Scrapbook MAX!.

    Also, don't forget about the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store where our own professional designers create elements, templates, etc. for use in Scrapbook MAX!. In my opinion, the program starts you off on the right track, and then you can just keep on growing with it!

    Hope to see you around and hope you share your creations with us in the gallery!

    Happy Scrapping!


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    Welcome aboard Calcacky! I can't tell you anything different from what everyone else has already said. But I can tell you that you will not find a more friendly forum than we have here. We have formed some very unique lasting freindships here and that alone is the number one most important reason I love it here. And everyone is always so willing to help you in any way that they can. I don't care if I never scrap again (kidding of course) I will be here forever just for the interaction with the many friends that I have made here. Can't wait to see some of your LO's in the gallery!

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    Calkacky Guest


    I am a new woman with a whole new attitude since I started this thread yesterday and it is all because of all of you. I'm totally committed to making this program all that it can be and I know y'all will be here to help me with any struggles along the way!

    Oh, and now I'm off to check out scrapsville. Y'all sure have my curiousity up about that. I will do more looking around and downloading this weekend when I have more time. I'm excited now and can't wait to get started on that.

    Thanks again my new friends,

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