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    Default June Mid-Month Challenge

    Well everyone, the month of June is slipping by and I donít know where it has gone. I now have children home on summer breakÖ that may explain some of it. For this monthís mid-month challenge, Iím going to reach into my folder of saved items and pull out another of Autisticwonderís masks. She was kind enough to do three of these for me and I have only used one so far. So this month you will get #2. The original layout was done by someone else on some other site and I must apologize to who ever it belongs to because I had saved a copy of the picture way back when I was a newbie at this and did not save any of the particulars as to site name or artist. So if anyone recognizes the original layout, please let me know and I will give proper credit. Wonder was kind to scraplift it for me for the mask.

    Your task if you choose to accept it is to take the mask, have fun clicking and changing all the grey to pretty papers, add your picture and post a link to your layout here in this thread. Iíll start you off with a copy of the one I did. It is a picture of my daughter and friend on a field trip to Washington DC during the Cherry Blossom festival. It was a beautiful day and the blossoms were spectacular. Enjoy, and Iíll see you next month.
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