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    Default Definate Diva

    New template in aqua and apricot
    This one was about to go in the store last week and WAS called Everything's Just Peachy... but lo and behold someone else released 1 withthe same name so I kept it back and re- did a lot of the titles and word art , 1 page still says "just peachy" but please know I wasn't copying anyone just an incredible co incidence.. so I have re-named mine Definate Diva!
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    Love it, great title too
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    Very nice! I have had a situation just like that happen to me. Then I feel bad...don't want anyone to think it was anything other than a coincidence. In fact, I just logged on this am and see that Steve put up a very nice music kit! I was working on one last night but it has a whole different look so I will still post it. You know, there is nothing new under the sun! We all inspire others and I am thankful for that!

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