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    Question If I purchased both classic and wedding edition


    If I purchased both the Classic and Wedding editon of Scrapbook Max do I need to install only the basic program once and then the content packages once I get them from each?


    Jean F

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    Talking Sbm

    Yes, you should only install the program once! Then the content for both. The Classic version is abled to be emailed with the links for the entire program, with the CD coming in the mail. The wedding edition consist of a lot more templetes, embellishments and papers. The Wedding Edition is TOO BIG to download from a link, so you will have to wait for the CD, then install that. You will not be dissatisfied! I love both versions of the SBM!

    BTW, welcome to the forum! You will love it here and everyone is so wonderful. They love the help.


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    Thanks for your helpful response, Onie!

    Jean: Once you get your CD-ROMs, remember to download the content packs from both the Classic and Wedding Edition CD-ROMs. Though you can dowload the software when you purchase (i.e. the design space and all the tools- and yes, you only have to install the software once even if you have both editions...), both content packs are much too large to download (not just the Wedding Edition).

    Just want to make sure you get your hands on all the included content!

    (For those who want to view all the included content, click here).


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