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    Default NEW OLD TIME goodies!!!! freebies!!

    Wanted some "OLD TIME" COLORS so here they are with a modern twist!! Had lots of fun learning new techniques to do these!!

    Got a GREAT suggestion from my CT partner Marion to try QUICK PAGES with my Masking!! So hope you like!! Same principles of grayscale only more weighty due to colors added!! Just click on areas you want to change and CHANGE PICTURE to your favorite paper scrap!! Made lots of new tags, corners and more for these!!

    77 SHAPES of TAGS, CORNERS, and MORE..of the not so swirly kind!! but FANCY none the less!!

    To get your freebies of the UPCOMING FUN!!! Simply RIGHT CLICK image of BLACK and white SHAPE and SAVE IMAGE AS to your SBM SHAPES folder!! ENJOY!!! This was just my first practice at making them!!

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    yummmy papers, and shapes them xx

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    Awesome!!! I'm... speechless!

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    These are teriffic, I Love the colors...Oh boy...more money to spend lol..Mark's gonna KILL me...Ooh well haha

    My Bud's 'R' Marion, Verleen and Jormanoy
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