NOOOOOOOOO ...... everysingle one of my bookmarks have GONE.
My Firefox bookmark tab is EMPTY ...... ahhhhhh. I'm gonna cry.

Tried to do a restore of my bookmarks and apprently all I can get back are my old IE favourites which is a waste of time cos I deleted 90% of them when I got rid of defunct pages 6 months ago. Which btw is just before I got into scrapbooking. SO I dont have a single scrapbook favourite. I've lost all my psp tutorial sites, True Space tutorial sites, the ones about the type of cancer my dad has, the trisomy 13 site that my nephew is on .... etc etc etc ... moan, rant, scream, have a fit, jump up and down, sit back down, scream again, have Amy join in with the screaming ...... dang she can scream louder than me, cry, stamp my feet.

Ok now I need a nice cool glass of ice tea to contemplate how long its gonna take me to find these sites again.
Oh and I need to point out to this problem that God is bigger than it. Dont think its gonna go away but it might help