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Thread: Bookmarks gone

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    Talking They are back

    You guys n gals are the best ......... not only do you give me instructions but you give me hugs n ice tea as well as making me giggle. You also offer to help me find the links again.

    Thanks for the instructions. They were much better than those on the firefox help. They read worse than stereo instructions. lol The good news is that I got them back. Yeeee Haaaaa. I had to show my hidden folders, took me a few mins to work that one out, but once that was sorted it was good ole plain sailing thanks to the help here.

    Have I said thank you enough times yet. Thanky thanky thanky. I had well over 300 bookmarks on various subjects.
    Sue xx

    Makeyesup and Marion are my Buddies

    Relax, take it easy and enjoy.

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    Why Harry, in all the years I have known you, you have never been sober, so who are you trying to fool?

    Thank you for the wonderful info. As always, you're wonderfully helpful!

    Marion , Steve, Moonbeam, Ladybug, Wolvsie, Fourfoxes, Vanessa, PinkLollipop and Winnie49 are my buddies!!!

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    "Why Harry, in all the years I have known you, you have never been sober..."

    ...caused by the people that know me!


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