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    Default SHAPES, COLORS and MASKS..YES!!

    I love to make a color kit first then hunt for what is the HOTTEST trend going in MY opinion or what tickles my FANCY.. So here you have my idea and TWIST on what is COOLEST trend going for scrapping today!! I LOVE SHAPES!! MADE TONS for these packs of Precious People Presentations and the 12x12 large Masked Templates. The grayscales are always GENERIC and versatile in every way!! Catch your FREEBIES below..I CREATED this Keychain Mini Album in Masked form..10 2x3.25 inch pages on one easy to print letter size (8.5x11in) paper. Mother's Day is coming up..Thought this might make a GREAT gift!! SPECIAL NOTE: VERY DETAILED template will take a good deal of time to load up. Be patient!! The more CRAMMED little, tiny pieces I use..The more communicating the program has to do..But worth the effort!! If you use any of my booster pack items (store items) to do one of these..Please post in Booster Pack Gallery by May 13 (Mother's Day)..I'm going to pick a winner and laminate a set and put eyelets (real not fake) on them and run a key ring through and ship to the winner of the BOOSTER Gallery and one for thread in TEmplates section using freebie kits!! Not much of a prize but LOVE to see what you can do with these!!

    Charitable CALMING COLORS...set of 32 tiles and papers...

    12x12 Mask layout SET 4 Lots of swirlie, frilly fun!!

    Precious People Presentations Set 3 Mask Layouts

    133 SHAPES GRAB BAG....packed with upcoming shapes too as well as many used in PPP3 and Mask Layout set 4

    To download your black and white SHAPES simply RIGHT CLICK and SAVE image AS to your SHAPES folders...The paper tile..same..but send to your paper scraps section..For the template..simply click blue link and it will go directly to your TEMPLATES section!!
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    wow you've been busy them all and absolutely adore the calming colours

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    Fantastic, love them all
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