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    Default Any ideas for songs for a Family themed CD?

    Someone suggested Limewire for a place for music which is great! Thanks for sharing. I have had fun downloading music but now I'm not sure what songs to use. Does anyone know of good or cute or inspirational songs for making a family type of CD? I get in there and totally have a loss of any thing. I did find some songs that I really like but they don't fit well with a family CD. If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks again

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    I used to edit a lot of video and we were always using cover tunes (with permission, of course) You can always search by genre...

    - Any of the Disney stuff works (Someday My Prince Will Come, Be Our Guest, etc.)

    - Any kid's nursery rhymes (Twinkle Little Star, Big Rock Candy Mountain, etc.)

    - TV Shows (Mission Impossible was always a big hit, Bonanza, Barney's theme, etc)

    Start with those and who knows where that will lead you next...

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