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    Default Using brushes with SBM

    Hi girls
    Im only new here and to SBM. I've been reading a lot about brushes and how great they are to work with. Am I able to use them with SBM?

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    Not at the moment... Brushes (.ABR) are for use in Photoshop. I believe Paint Shop Pro users have "tubes".

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    Paint Shop Pro has brushes too..What they are are blacken images on white copied and used on papers with color used in your color pallette. In traditional scrapping we call it STAMPING... Tubes are pictures or embellishments added to your pages..You can't easily change anything on a tube..OUR SHAPES (.jpg and .png formats) come close to being like STAMPS..and you can Use TEXTURES in your SHAPES folder for cool background effects.. SHAPES are White on black backgrounds..The black removes the excess..The white is the shape you get..If you add some grays or colors..You get a vellum look (see through) image..So go check it out and let your imagination run wild!! Can make grunge edging and all kinds of things with SHAPES!! Crumpled papers, boxy designs, etc.. WELCOME and HAVE fun!!!

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