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    Default Groove Newsletter Contest April 2007: Spring Into Spring! (FREEBIES HERE!)

    Spring into Spring with The Groove!

    The April 2007 issue of The Groove is here, and we're celebrating spring! With spring's longer hours of sunshine, green buds on the trees, and first flowers, there's certainly a lot to celebrate!

    To download the April 2007 issue of The Groove (pdf), click here. Or, if you would rather read it online, visit

    This month's contest is "Spring into Spring". Submit your spring-themed layouts - think "fresh" and "creative" and pay tribute to spring in some way, whether it's in the color scheme, the photo subject matter, or both! Remember that we are now honoring 3 winning layouts! The 1st place winner of the "Spring into Spring" contest will receive a $20 gift certificate to the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store. Two runners-up will each receive an official Scrapbook MAX! mousepad.

    To enter, publish your layout as a JPEG image at High Quality and Web/Email size, and upload it to the contest page. The deadline is Thursday, April 26, 2007, Midnight (CST).

    We encourage you to reply to this thread after you enter the contest. Post a link to your entry and tell us a bit about it so we can all get in on the fun!

    And now for everyone's favorite – THE MONTHLY FREEBIE! To download yours automatically to Scrapbook MAX!, just click on the attached file below! This month, we feature a collection of backgrounds that will be installed to your "Backgrounds" folder.

    Happy Scrappin' from The Groove!

    Karin and Marnie

    P.S. Not yet signed up for The Groove? Click here to subscribe.
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    Dear 'Groove',

    I have joined the newsletter and entered this months competition (more for experience than anything) however; I had two ideas float through my mind regarding the Spring theme.

    Is it allowable to place two images into the competition? Please don't think I am trying to 'hog' the board or that I am trying to be greedy or opportunistic but having read through quite a lot of the Community posts over the last 24 hours - 'if you have a question, ask!' - is a repeated comment. At the risk of getting a swift 'kick in the ether' I thought I'd ask.

    With kind regards and thanks for the comp. opportuntiy,


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    I believe for the contest you can enter as many as you would like. So go right ahead and post and see if you can catch that price!!!

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    Hi Terry!

    Welcome! And Marion is right (thanks for jumping in, Marion!) - you can enter as many times as you want in the contest! The more the merrier, or in this case, the "spring-ier" I suppose .

    Can't wait to see all of your great layouts, and good luck!


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