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    Default Claytons Wedding & My Brush with Fame

    Dear Ladies:

    I have scrapbook for about a year now, and this is the first time that
    I have ever uploaded any work onto the board. Please pop in and have
    a look and tell me what you think.
    I think that I have uploaded about 6 pages on different subjects.
    I would welcome all suggestions as to how I could better any of
    my work....


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    Wonderful lo's. I'm glad you've decided to come out of hiding. Welcome to the family
    My BUDDIES Crops, Eye, Jazz, Smile, Sue, Rosana,twpclerk, Moonlightpearl and Vanessa

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    Jewell..your pages are happy you decided to share them with us..keep up the good work and keep posting...
    My Buddy's Are Crops2dawn, Sue, Eye, Eng, Smiley, Kimbob, PKDoll and Autistic Wonder

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