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    Default How long did it take

    once you purchased your program to get an email to activate your trial version and turn it into a full version? I did it last night around 9:00 and it says it take no more then 12 hours?

    Just a bit anxious over here I guess.

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    check in your spam/junk mail folder sometimes the emails go there

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    None of the emails from Scrapbook Max have gone in my junk folder as of yet. It isn't there.

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    I don't see an order for the email address you registered for these forums with. Do you have a reference number / order id? Did you purchase under a different email address? Or through a reseller?

    Please send some information to desmond[at] so I can locate your order, and I'll get download instructions to you right away. Download instructions are sent by our system automatically, so you should have definitely seen them by now.

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