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    Could you please tell me, if i wanted to use the page size that was in the old format of sm what size page would i use, the reason being i had lost some lo but i had sent them to my daughter & she has sent them back to me, i want to recreate them, but they don't look the same when i try to on the new custom page size. Also by using the old page size will they be the same quality when i put them on cd or dvd?

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    Go to this link and read my answer to Charlottes post. Although, you should be able to open the template in SBM, and it should automatically resize to your page. After is loaded, got to View, Zoom Level, 100%. That will show it in the right size. This may help. If it does not help you, ask me again, I'm very dense sometimes. Maybe in between, someone smarter can help you.

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    All of the old, "screen resolution" templates were done as 750 pixels wide by 550 pixels tall. All of the new "high resolution print" templates are done as 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall at 200 pixels per inch. That gives you ample resolution to print them out at even 12x12.
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