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    Default New Baby Layout :)

    This is my first time uploading pages, so I hope this link works! I used Shabby Princess' Winter Kit for this layout of Aidan (now nine months old) as a newborn. I thought the colors worked well for a baby page. Hope you guys like it! --Katie

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    Ok, I don't know why it's so huge on the page! can anybody help me know how to put one of those cute thumbnails there instead?! --Katie

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    Don't change it - I like your page HUGE like this - It's easier to see that way! What a beautiful baby - the kit IS perfect for baby pages - beautiful colors.
    Great job!

    If you want a thumbnail to appear at the bottom that someone can click to get the page to come up big on the screen, you have to add it by clicking the "Manage Attachments" button at the bottom of the thread screen.

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