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    Default Template: Mask Layouts Set 3

    I failed to recognize the books I did my "scraplifting" with the prior layouts..So with this set..I thought I'd like to recognize how much YOU ALL inspire me to do better. To do a good job with layouts I have to mimic...and as you mimic you start to "get" the feel for lining things up etc. Scraplifting is what we do when we browse our books, magazines, get ideas for our own needs. This is NOT illegal..but it is ethical to recognize the person you scraplifted from. I've included all the credits on the last page of the set with your pictures. None of these are exactly like the original but very similar. In this set..I've picked 7 layouts from the last 2 weeks in the Gallery..Although have enjoyed so many more..The one's that would be easier to mask..and one's I thought you all might appreciate as well. I had to make some shapes to do this. ALL masked layouts are done with add the embellishments..It is often hard to tell when you set the layouts to grayscale and start fillin with your own ideas..that they have much of a relationship to the original you scraplifted from. These are OUTLINES. They are actually full templates and you can do this with any SBM template..using grayscale to help you decide without distractions the color scheme to set to your picture..rather than trying to find the right template with colors to match your pictures.

    Simply pull up in your album the mask layout and click on the individual areas to CHANGE PICTURE of..the picture spot is already incorporated. When you click on the picture spot CHANGE PICTURE and when the picture comes in ..the shape will be on the picture and you can move the shape on the picture before punching for best alignment.

    I'd love to see you all try this and share.. Copying someone is a GREAT compliment to their work!! But it is RUDE when you don't recognize that the work was from someone else's idea. This is a GREAT part of sharing..

    THANKS FIVE FEATHERS for your swoopie shapes and OTHERS I use ALOT!!!

    Thanks Ameliasmuma, Jazzieal, Alinne, Kruemlmai, Leslie Emery, MaggieMae and Kimbob...You are all in these layouts..Congratulations..YOUR ON '"SCRAPLIFT LAYOUTS"!!! I will be doing more if noone gets upset by this!!

    A WORD OF CAUTION when scraplifting..I do NOT scraplift our DESIGNER's in the GALLERY in this fashion of sharing. It would do them harm possibly with their efforts to sell their templates..but this will do WONDERS for their KIT sales!! This helps when deciding what kits to buy if you already have the template outline laid out..

    I'll be including the additional shapes of the thread on Ameliasmuma I made up and some stitched swoopie designs I created as well..a bit later..

    Newbies: Simply click on the blue link and then choose OPEN..THe templates will go straight to your templates..

    PSP, PSE, PS users can simply RIGHT CLICK any image and then SAVE TARGET AS or click to ENLARGE the image and RIGHT CLICK to SAVE IMAGE AS and place whereever you desire in your directory..

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