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    Default Scrapbook MAX! Content Backup Utility

    Hello Everyone,

    I've created a simple backup utility for your embellishments and templates. You can download it from this thread.

    This is an 'as is', 'use at your own risk' application that I created. It is in no way supported by Indigo Rose Software.

    I would appreciate any comments / suggestions that you have. Also, though I have tested this on my system, I would like to know if any of you have problems running it.

    There are 2 buttons:
    Back Up Embellishments - copies all files from [Install Location]\gallery\images to a folder that you specify
    Back Up Templates - copies all files from [My Documents]\Scrapbook MAX!\Templates to a folder you specify

    The files copied are indiscriminate -- in other words, it will copy *Everything*, not just files that haven't yet been backed up. This is a really nice way to back up your entire collection.

    Once you have your templates / embellishments copied to a new location, just burn those folders to CD, and you have a full backup!

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