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    Default Prayers Needed for my Grandson

    To My SBM Family
    I know this is a long post but please bear with me...
    I am having big time problems in my family right now and I need to ask for your prayers..
    I am posting links to 2 pages I did for my Grandson Andrew in October..some of you know his story already but for those who dont...if you look at these it will show you his background..
    Page 1:

    Andrew has had private duty nurses since his present we have them 20 hrs a day..from 5 PM to 9 PM the family takes care of him..Andrew can do nothing for himself..I hate the word "Vegetable" that is used to describe those in his condition...but that is how he is.He will be 15 yrs old on March 27th..he has developed scholosis due to his accident..his body is almost in an "S" shape now..all of his organs are being shifted his body continues to do this his lungs will eventally this happens he will need more nursing care..he stopped breathing about 2 weeks ago and we had to call 911.. thank God before they got here his nurse had already got him breathing was only a short time thing..He has almost constant seizures and always some type of respiratory problem..
    Alabama Medicaid pays for Andrews nursing care and all of his medical needs..however one of their guidelines for the care and number of hrs he can get..are based on the ability of his caregiver..(Me as I have custody of him at the present time) to take care of him the hrs we dont have nurses...Medicaid says that since my health has gotten worse I am not able to take care of him and therfore dont meet the guidelines .. they want to stop his nurses..they say we can put him in a nursing home but I will NEVER allow that..he would die in a week because they are not equipped to take care of a patient that needs the CONSTANT care that Andrew requires..we have appealed their decision and are now waiting on a hearing..we have Childrens Advocacy attorneys and are fighting with all the resources we have..they also say we have to have a legal paper signed and in his chart which says
    if he stops breathing again...the nurses are to do everything to bring him back..or they just make him as comfortable as possible and let him go...I am pulled is no many directions about this decision I cant find the courage to make it..
    Please pray that medicaid wont take his hours away and that we can make the right decision for Andrew..the one that is best for him and not for us..We have all just witnessed the power of prayer with our Mary Ann...I know God is our Best Resource..Thank you all so much..Love to all jazzieal...Linda
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    OH, Jazz..GOD BLESS you and Andrew!!! Each state is a little different when it comes to Medicaid! If you don't have someone that can fill your shoes when you are down..such as husband, sisters, etc..then it will be a hard battle to win to keep him..I worked in Nursing Homes before I got married and LOVED my patients like family. We assume no one can love our child as much as we do or care for them as much as we care for them...but that is not always the case. Find a home that has ratio of nurse aides less than 10 to 1. I had 8 patients when I worked as a Nurse's Aide. I played with them, read to them, played music, Hugged them, talked to the comatose, etc..We seldom lost a patient!! That is IF you have to put him in a home..The waiting list is sometimes two years..that can buy you time!!! After College I worked at nursing homes as Activity/Social Services I did all admissions and now how to play the game..Email me separately for more info..
    My prayers are with you girl..BIG TIME!! This is a struggle for you emotionally!! Because of his need for constant vigil you have a GOOD CASE!! Let me know what is going on. At least I can tell you the procedure end of things to give you some relief. I took care of all my folks in Sharpsburg except for Auntie. I feel your concerns!!! WARM FUZZY HUGS!!!! PRAYERS a PLENTY!!!

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    Jazz - GOD BLESS YOU for the love and care of your precious grandson. It's a horrible decision to make and I can't imagine having to make it. God will guide you when the time is right.

    Much love and hugs to you -


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    Jazz you, andrew and your family are in my prayers and on my healing list - im a spiritualist healer and send healing out daily to anyone who requests it - stay strong sweetheart

    my prayers & love are with you
    fiona xx

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    Jazz - You and Andrew will be constantly in my prayers...

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    Default Oh Jazz

    OOOh Jazz you never mentioned what was going on lately. I could boot you in the blank but will grab you and hug you.OOOO Jazz I am in tears. I was put in that same situation with my mother. My decision was either tube feedings in abdomen,let herstarve to death or let her go with dignity and I chosed the last. I was the one who in the end refused to let her die in hospital. Brave as I was took control and got all the medication to ease her in comfort and I gave her all her medications.I was her nurse. She lasted 2 days but she went into a deep sleep and was not crying anymore.She died with the love all around her.This decision was made by just me and not the other 10members of family.I guess they looked up to me to make it. It was a very hard call but I do not regret. I never slept a wink for those 2 days as she was on meds almost every hour.But I can tell you one thing. I was granted to see something special. I seen a presence come and take her. It was so amazing. It tok me 2 years of why me to see this happen. I was quite confused for a long time. Then one day out of the blue it hit me. It is to give answers to iS THEIR A HEAVEN. Now I can tell all my dying patients yes their is and how I know and then when they are gone I tell the families the story and it gives much relief.So I call myself a chosen one to pass on the message that their is a HEAVEN.We all young or old have always pondered is there really a Heaven now you can feel relaxed and yes their is a Heaven.I am not a deeply religious person but I pass this on as not preaching but as a message to all.Oh Jazz you have all my prayers and you will know the right decision when you are ready.God is very powerful and listens to all prayers.We never know the answers to some WHY'S.But I assure you some of us are being tested for our strength.You have my prayers and please write me on his condition. I luv yah Jazz xo xo

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    Default OHH!!! Jazz,

    Hi Jazz, some days I thought about asking what he was happening to it with you. Therefore I felt a certain sadness , e also its absence in the forums, knows that nothing it happens in our lives without the permission of God, it and our owner, therefore are certain that God this looking at for Andre ok. In mine preces now I will place Andres e Mary, is not sad, this same world and of boredom and tiredness, but God and our protector our ortaleza ok, difficult e for so distant me, not to be able if wants to give one to it hugs of comfort, but you and its family is inside of my heart ok

    A great kiss

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    Dear Jazz, lots of hugs, love and prayers to you, Andrew and your family. May God grant you the strength to make the right decision.
    Sue xx

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    Relax, take it easy and enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eye View Post
    I seen a presence come and take her. It was so amazing. It tok me 2 years of why me to see this happen. I was quite confused for a long time. Then one day out of the blue it hit me. It is to give answers to iS THEIR A HEAVEN. Now I can tell all my dying patients yes their is and how I know and then when they are gone I tell the families the story and it gives much relief.
    Beautifully said Eye. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to make that kind of decision. Jazz, know that we are all praying for you and Andrew every day. God will take care of you, no matter how things turn out. Everything happens for a reason, we just don't see it right away. Just like Eye said, it took her 2 years to see the reason behind God's plan. Don't lose faith.

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    Ohhh Jazz, how terrible this must be for you! I will be praying for you my firend day and night, I know when it comes time to make a decision you WILL do what is best for Andrew. Heck you have been taking care of him for a long time and only you will know what to do. I can tell you its not going to be easy, I just wish I could be there for you for nothing else but a shoulder to cry on and to give you hugs. You must also take care of yourself!!!! DO NOT neglect your health! Take it day by day and things will work out. the power of prayer does work, look at our Mary Ann, We all pray that things will work out for you! I love ya Jazz!!! If ya need me, even just to talk, I'd be more than happy to listen to ya! Please take care!!!

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