I love this software and would recommend to others , but it does tend to crash from time to time (I haven't been able to pinpoint what causes the crash.)

Would it be possible to incorporate an autosave in future versions? It's REALLY frustrating spending 20 minutes pulling in individual letters from an alphabet, aligning them perfectly and then losing all that work. (Ask me how I know! <sigh>) I'm getting in the habit of hitting save after adding every element, but sometimes I get so focused on what I'm doing that I forget to save often and of course, that's when it crashes.

It would also be great to be able to curve text and to choose an image to fill text instead of just colors. I'd also like to be able to choose the color of the shading on my captions instead of being stuck with just gray (which doesn't work well with a brown/sepia type heritage page). I'm finding myself getting creative to work around it (like copying & pasting an exact replica, changing the color and placing it behind the caption, slightly below to appear as a shadow.)

So far, I've been able to do great things with this program and I'm thrilled to have it! Thank you!!!!

Some of my pages are in my gallery here: