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    Default Newbie with questions

    I'm to digital scrapbooking and thinking of buying Scrapbook Max program. In the introduction area, I asked some questions. Can the experienced members here provide me with some answers?

    Additional question: As I understand it, I can download templates that someone made into the program. Is this accurate? Secondly, the only way I can add to the 30 templates that are in the program is to purchase them from the store. True? Or are we given free downloads too? I apologize for the cost questions, but I'm doing this on social security. Too bad they don't build in some money for scrapbooking, huh?

    Oh, another question. I like to journal in circles, ovals and other shapes. Is this possible? Thank you. Don't forget to see my questions in my Introduction post. Verleen

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    Firstly ~ no it's not possible to do anything other than horizontal or vertical text at the moment. We hope this will change in the future.....

    Don't worry, you'll be able to browse the template section of SBM for FREE templates to download & you'll wonder where to put them all. Loads 'n' loads of them. Won't cost you a penny!!!

    Happy Scrapping.....

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