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    Question Background ?

    For a background to cover the full page, should I use a background from the settings area or a place a paper scrap or photo and enlarge it to cover the entire page?
    I know I can access the paper scrap or photo through the background settings tab as well. I also realize it is fixed in place through the background tab and not the other unless you lock it down.

    My real question is this:
    Is there any advantage or disadvantage to either method? Or is it just 2 ways to do the same thing??


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    One difference is that the background will "stretch" or "shrink" you photo to fit the page size ( i.e 1600w x 1600h) by default, although you can "tile" it.

    The paper scrap will maintain the photo's aspect ratio and original size and tile it by default.

    Hope that helps!

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