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    Smile Beyond the raw years

    Quote Originally Posted by angelwithin View Post
    Onie these pages are a beautiful tribute to a gorgeous angel and a great way to help the healing process.

    you never ever get over losing a child so young but in time the pain eases little by little. you are still in the 'raw' years and so brave to tackle these memories so early on, it must have been an emotional roller coaster ride making them.

    my heart goes out to you, now wheres the tissues *goes off to wipe eyes*

    fiona xxxxxx

    Donnie has been gone for 26 yrs but its only recently that I figured out what do with his things. I can many hand made cards from his class mates etc, that I would like to scan and use as PAPERS for the album. They have been in a box in storage for these years. So it's time to bring them out of storage. I honestly didn't know want to do with the various cards and pictures so I just kept them in a box. I am hoping that others will feel that can do he same with some of their boxed memories. I will probably save the pages in a file on my external hard drive then later try to put it do a DVD with music. I know that many here have done those type of projects but I haven't dared to try!

    Thank you for all your friendships and love. I really am blessed with my memories and want to share them with others.

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    Default HI Onie!!

    Onie you it was extremely strong to make this great work, is certain that where Donnie this, is very happy in knowing that and remembered with immense affection for you, e for all in, it now knows that since already this inside of ours hearts,

    Kisses, wonderful layout

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    Oh my goodness, my heart goes out to you Onie and Linda.. both, for your courage and strength.. MA3's words are just so perfect that I cannot add to them. I lost my sister in law(Beverley) who was only aged 30 to a brain tumour 10 years ago , my mother in law (Betty) a year later almost to the breast cancer, my stepmom (Sheila) who was my mentor,and friend to breast cancer only 3 years ago and my dearest and best friend (Marion)who was also my "Mother" (aged 60) and who I saw leukemia a year and a half ago... I nursed her for almost 2 years fighting the disease, but the Lord decided to take her home. They have all left a "gap" in my life but have also taught me so much.. To live each day to the fullest and thank God for the "simple" things in life, to be thankful for every "laugh, smile, hug, kiss, and little pleasures we so often take for "granted"..
    I send you big hugs, and hopefully will share my own "memory and tribute" albums with you all soon.
    Tons of love


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