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    I've been doing traditional scrapbooking for some time but. My favorite resource has been Recently they came out with some digi scrapbooking and I am hooked! This site looks fun too.

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    Welcome garbob.It is fun here as I'm sure you will find out. The link you posted looks good but not as good as here. You have a store to purchase from here too but you also have so much stuff to download from the community which is given to us. The designers give loads away too. We are very lucky here, I don't think any other site comes close to matching it, value for money, levels of ability, support, friendship and continuous development with a suggestion forum. Hope you'll stick around, you won't regret it
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    Hello garbob.. once you try SBM I am sure you will find it to be a wonderful scrapbooking will become a completely new experience for you..another thing that makes the program so special are the forums..when you take an active part in them you meet many new friends..everyday there is something new to download (free) whether it be an entire kit or a new embelishment..with archives so full of free things it will take you days to see it all..we also have a store which has some of the prettiest things you will find on the net..if you like to learn new things then you are in the right place for that also..almost everyday someone is posting something they have learned and pass on to the rest of us...I could go on and on about SBM but you need to find out for yourself..just remember once you get started you will soon be an the rest of make sure you have a comfortable chair... I will look forward to seeing your work in the gallery..
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