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    Default Question on Shapes

    Hi all,
    I purchased a couple of the shapes in the store, but this doesn't seem to be an auto working template. It says in the description that to place your pics behind, but when I send to back it disappears. Anyone got instructions on how to use the shapes in SBM?

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    hi ellen!

    here' s what to do:

    1.choose a paper ("add photo")
    2. When the photo properties boxcomes up, click the box that says "custom shape"
    3. You wioo have some shapes to choose from that are already installed in your "gallery" but at the bottom left (i think) of the dialog box it will say "browse" - Browse to the folder where you have the shapes
    4. Find the shape you want and click it

    that should take care of it!!!

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    Hi Julie,
    Thanks to you I think I've got it. I was experimenting late last night so if I can remember this morning I'll be okay.

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