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    Default February Challenge!

    Hi All! This month's kit (courtesy of Steve) is in the post just below this one!

    THIS MONTH WE'LL BE DOING 2 SIZES: 8 by 8 and 4 by 6

    Please specify when uploading for us which size you are doing! By the time the nmonth is over, we'll have an 8 by 8 album AND a mini bragbook!

    Each month I will upload a full kit and a colorswatch from one of the designers (or an aspiring designer who would like to donate something.)

    You are to do the following things with that kit:

    1. Make a layout and upload it to the gallery and post a link here for us to see
    2. Make a template and share it with the group (post to this thread!)
    3. Make coordinating embellishments and papers, etc to share with the group (on this thread)

    I am attaching my template and the colorswatch to get y'all started. See post below for full kit!

    Have Fun!

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