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    Question Video Help (need quickfor funeral)

    My sweet, sweet Grandmother passed away Saturday. I made a scrapbook for her and I wanted to save to a CD to play at the service on the TV but I don't know if SBM does this. I saved as a slide show but its an exe file so I don't think it will play on a TV. I get an ertror when I try to save as a movie (maybe too many pages??).

    I'm at a hotel with no TV to try playing the slide show. Can anyone help?

    My slide show is at


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    Hello Robin,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. What a wonderful tribute you are working on for her.

    I hope that I can help. My first question is - do you know if you might have access to a computer hooked up to a projection screen (as if someone were going to do a "power point" presentation)? In that case, you can publish your slideshow as a Slideshow CD and play it on the computer (of course, you would want to be able to test it first to see how it plays.). You are right, though - a Slideshow will not play on a TV. For that:

    Your other option is to make a Video CD which will play on most DVD players, and can therefore be shown on TV. I've pasted the relevant section from the Help File below. You can also read more about Publishing in Ch.6 of the User's Guide at (or, right in SBM by choosing Help > Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide).

    As for any errors you are getting, if they persist, please let us know exactly what error messages you are getting. We may be able to troubleshoot.

    Let us know how it goes.

    All the best,

    Publish to Video CD (VCD)
    Publishing to a Video CD burns your scrapbook as a Video CD (VCD) that can be viewed on most modern set-top DVD players. This allows your family and friends to view your scrapbook on their televisions. The VCD option also contains settings such as a page timer, and various page transition styles.

    Simply insert a blank disc CD-R/RW and click OK.

    Note: If you want to view the video CD on your computer, choose a digital media viewer that supports VCDs such as a DVD viewing software program. If your intention is to view the slideshow only on computer, choose the Publish to Slideshow CD option instead.

    Note: If for some reason you encounter problems burning, try a different brand of CD media. If this does not help, there may be an incompatibility between your drive and Scrapbook MAX!'s VCD burning capability. In this case, you can use the Publish to Movie option instead and burn the VCD using your favorite burning program.

    Tip: You can publish to a Video CD by choosing File > Publish To > Video CD... from the program menu.

    VCD Options
    CD writer drive:
    The drive you want to use to burn your video CD onto CD-R/RW. Click the select button to choose an available drive.

    The amount of time each page is displayed in seconds (1-60).

    The transition effect to use between pages. Choose from None, Crossfade, and Random. Random chooses 1 of 25 unique transitions for each page.

    Transition time:
    The time in seconds (1-5) that the transition from one image to another will last.

    TV type:
    The encoding system to use for the video. Choose from one of the following regions based on where you reside:

    North America, Japan (NTSC)
    Encode the video using NTSC (National Television System(s) Committee). This is the television format in use in Korea, Japan, United States, Canada and certain other places, mostly in the Americas.

    Europe, Australia, S. America, Asia, Africa (PAL/SECAM)
    Encode the video using PAL/SECAM (phase-alternating line/Séquentiel couleur avec mémoire, French for "sequential color with memory"). This is the television format in use in Europe, Australia, S. America, Asia and Africa.

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    Thumbs up Uauuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

    Fantastic, impessionante its video, I loved of passion. a souvenir inesquecivel.


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    Unhappy My condolences on your lost...


    You did a phenomenal job on your tribute to your grandmother, you can also make a great movie using the microsoft movie maker. It's a FREE download from Microsoft and it makes great DVD movies and it's easy to use.

    Go to
    to download it.

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    Wow, wish I could help, but am just a novice! I just had a look at your slideshow, it's fantastic!
    Sorry about your Grandma, she would be pleased as punch with this tribute!


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    What a wonderful, wonderful tribute. I do hope you find a solution.

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    Default sorry

    for your loss,

    I hope the video thing works out. just wanted to say I had a look at your tribute and it amazing. Absolutly beautifull beyond words.

    take care,

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. You did a lovely job of her memorial album. I don't do dvds anymore, sorry can't help you.

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