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    Default Please give me reasons why I should buy this program?

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    You can import any paper, element, scrap, embellishment into Max. A lot of us do this to keep SM running to speed.

    Should you buy this........about 99.9 people on here will say yes.........we have so much fun and you'll get loads of templates etc given you from the members. Don't hesitate you won't regret it.

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    i would say its just such a wonderful programme, highly addictive and very very useful, im making up templates in a calander style ready for next christmas....saves a fortune on pressies and a wonderful way to show all your memories off to the max

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    Im very new to the program and id say yes its very worth it.... because
    * support, you can get it here through other users and from scrapbook max quite quickly!!! even if its not scrapbook max related lol!
    * You can use any graphic, embleshment, background in your layouts
    * You can use it to do many other things like christmas cards and calendars
    * Once you have it, you can have so much fun with all the free templates that other users have created!
    * Included in the program you can edit/crop/format all your graphics and pictures.. you really dont need another graphic program like paintshop pro (unless you want to create one.. lol)

    I have tried several programs, and scrapbook max was the best! And if you dont decided to buy the program... you can always stay a member of this forum. Its great fun, and very informative!!

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    I would say buy it! Try the free trial and once you do you will be hooked. I was hooked and now I'm addicted. (I think most of us here are). The stuff people here create is so wonderful. Its definately worth the price.

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    I would say yes, go for it! You can crop, resize, rotate, shadow, and change shape to your heart's content here. I have tried several other programmes, they are either too difficult to master or dont have the features I want, or are too fiddly! This is the best I have tried.


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