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    Default making your own stuff

    Ok I am very intrested in making some stuff myself.
    I have Corel Photo Paint on my puter and my brother has Photoshop Elements for me ( just have to go and pick it up, will do next week )
    Now how do you get started?
    Just start trying all the buttons or what?
    are there lessons to follow?
    any one know of a good link to a tutorial site for eitherof these programs?

    Now mainly my question is. Are there tutorials specifically for learning to make your own embelishments/papers/kits or is it just a case of learn the program and then fiddle with it and then make your own.

    I would like to see some basic lessons on, how do you get a nice design background/ribbon/lace/brad/ect.
    HOw would you make a paperclip to use as a digital embelishment.
    Is it all a question of scanning objects and then alter them in either of the above mentioned (or other) programs??

    tips/tricks ???
    take care all
    ( I do have a basic sense of making a little brad in Corel, there is a little tutorial included with this older version! and do know how to scan and alter images and such...Only thing that is not working for me so far is the deleate background .........have the Adobe file from this forum for making a PnG with clear background, now have to see if I can work it in elements )

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    You can get tutorials. I think the adobe site has some for elements and photoshop.. If you do a search on google you will find some. I'm sure someone will be along with more informative information.

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    Lightbulb Here's some help for you...


    you can get some really good tutorials at


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    Default Tutorial Transparent Backgrounds in three programs

    This will tell you how to do this in three different programs. I hope it helps!

    You can download the Gimp and it's free, not just a trial. It does most things the expensive programs do.

    Download at:


    1.Open your clipart in the Gimp program
    2.Go to layer & click on transparency, click to the right for menu
    3.Click on add alpha channel
    4.Go to tools-selection tools-fuzzy select
    5.Click on your white background
    6.Go to edit & click on cut
    7.Go to file-save as. Name your document. Choose folder you want to save in.
    8.Click on select file type-click on png- click on save.
    9.In the box that comes up, place a checkmark beside:
    save background color; save resolution; save color values.
    10.Hit ok
    This sounds like a lot of steps, but it's really fast & easy to do.

    Doing this will get rid of the dreaded "white box".


    Instructions to remove white background from Clipart or embellishments using Photoshop Elements
    1.Open your clipart picture or embellishment you want to make transparent.
    2.Double-click on background layer. It should say new layer O. Click ok.
    3.Click on the white background with the magic wand; you should see the “marching ants” now.
    4.Go to edit and click cut. You should now have a checkerboard background.
    5.Go to file and then to save for web. A new screen comes up. Be sure it says PNG-24 and there is a checkmark beside transparency. Click ok.
    6.You get your save box so you can choose the folder you want to save it in and a file name. Be sure the save type in PNG.

    Transparent background using COREL PAINT SHOP PRO
    1. Open your image
    2. Click on image- palette- set palette transparency
    3. Export as png optimizer
    4 Save where you want it.

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    Default Gimp problem

    I downloaded Gimp alright, but when I went and installed it, it said (during installing) that 'it found some .dll's and in order for Gimp to work they had to be renamed, but then maybe some other program mightn't work"( well the wording was a little different but this is what it said....).

    As I dont know to wich program these .dll's belong I aborted the instalation and left it at that. I wouldnt want to create problems where I dont have them .

    thanx for all the help and the info.

    I cant wait to get started. ( only Photoshop-ing has to wait a little longer as my daughter is invited to a B-day party this sunday, so we will go to my brothers next weekend )
    I am going to have a look at those tutorials!!

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