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    awww, how cute is that
    Be Happy

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    I love this layout and the pictures. Animals are my passion--LOVE IT.

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    I'm not sure to understand the difference between the 2 sections:

    Look at my layout
    Made With Scrapbook MAX! Booster Packs

    and I wonder if my publishing of photos are then correct... Thank you for the reply.

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    whoops! Sorry...didn't read directions and posted more than 3! I'm a newbie...forgive me! I didn't realize that "Look at my Layout" was different than member's gallery. I know now!

    mom to McKenna & Collin (my 2 legged kids) ~ Samson & Gabby (my 4 legged kids)
    I love, love, love scrapbooking!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karin View Post
    Hi Onie!

    There are now two ways to spotlight your favorite layouts. You can either post them in the Look At My Layout forum (here - like other messages you post here)


    upload them to the Look At My Layout section in the gallery - it works like uploading to the contest pages - you just upload to that category in the gallery. To view and comment on images in that gallery, just click on Look At My Layout in the gallery.

    Scrapbook MAX! is asking everyone to limit posts in the Look At My Layout gallery to 3 a day (you can still load as many images as you want in your personal Member Gallery) - that way, when you view any given page in the Look At My Layout gallery, you'll see a whole variety of images from various people on a single page. Note that you can always view previous pages in that gallery by clicking on the page tabs that will appear above the images.

    I think that Scrapbook MAX! has come up with a good solution that allows everyone to view a whole bunch of different layouts in the "gallery format" that everyone seems to enjoy.

    Have fun- looking forward to viewing everyone's work in this format!

    You guys have been working really hard to problem-solve and this sounds like a great solution. Also, it's just fine to take the ratings off and just leave the comments. Everyone's layout is a 10!

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